Windows 12 might debut with a subscription service

According to some recent pieces of information, in the future, Windows 12 might come with a subscription model. Well, this is a leaked piece of information shared by PCMag. Windows 12 is about to be released in the future, so there is a chance that the plan might be canceled.

Windows 12 could have a subscription service

Two years ago, Windows 11 debuted. It is continuously upgraded with new features. As compared to smartphone updates, computer updates are different. It takes nearly six years for the next computer version to arrive. For this reason, discussing the rumors regarding Windows 12 sounds quite strange. Following the past leaks, Microsoft might unveil Windows 12 at some point in 2024.

The available information suggests that the upcoming version of Windows will be differently monetized as compared to the current and previous versions of Windows. An INI configuration file in the Windows Canary channel suggests links to “Subscription Edition,” “Subscription Type,” and a “subscription status.

Grab your pitchforks later; this information is still very preliminary. We don’t understand what this means. It might be a different subscription service, for all we know. Well, if this happens, it won’t be surprising given the recent trend of subscription-based services. Currently, the company offers two different versions of Windows 11. One of them is free, while the other is paid.

There is a minimal possibility that the company might not charge users for just the software. On the other hand, the company might introduce a premium version and roll out exclusive features. At this point, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Things will become clearer with time.

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