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Windows BSD bug: MSI recommends downgrading the BIOS

Printer blue screen

Trouble continues with recent Windows updates. KB5029351 caused unforeseen problems and blue screens for many users. The motherboard manufacturer MSI has now come forward and published an interim solution.

Bad update reversed

Microsoft had previously withdrawn the buggy Windows update that can lead to a blue screen of death on certain processors. Stopping the delivery of the update only does not help affected users who had already run the KB5029351 update.

Microsoft and MSI have been working together for days on a permanent solution. However, since the cause of the crash was still not found – it could be found in the Windows update as well as in a driver update – it could take a while.

In the meantime recommends MSI now all affected uninstall the Windows update and downgrade BIOS. In the support area of ​​the MSI website, the manufacturer writes:

“If you have already encountered this problem, KB5029351 may be automatically uninstalled to allow Windows to work normally again. However, if KB5029351 is not automatically uninstalled, we recommend rolling back your BIOS to the previous version and uninstalling KB5029351 in Windows. If you don’t

know, how to restore an older BIOS, this video will help you how to flash BIOS on MSI motherboard.”

The steps for a BIOS downgrade include:

  • Download the motherboard firmware from MSI
  • Unpack onto a USB stick
  • Eject the stick and restart the PC
  • Press “Del” to get to the BIOS / M-Flash update
  • Select flash mode
  • PC reboots into flash mode
  • Select USB stick
  • Start BIOS update
  • After a restart, the old firmware is active again

Otherwise, the alternative is to wait until Microsoft and MSI make a new update available.

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