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Windows Manager: Something Exciting Coming Next Week

It is already known that Microsoft is preparing an important October update with Windows 10 22H2. However, a high-ranking Microsoft employee has promised “something exciting” for Windows in the next week.

That leaves room for speculation, as the online magazine Neowin reports. It could just be the expected updates, but it could also be something else, or related.

Claton Hendricks, the program manager responsible for the Windows Fundamentals department at Microsoft, shared the following on his Twitter account:

What To Speculate

So he hasn’t revealed much yet, but the short teaser now makes it particularly exciting to see whether Microsoft still has something previously unknown up its sleeve that will soon be presented for Windows. It stands to reason that this is something related to Windows since Hendricks tweets almost exclusively on Windows-related topics.

One of the most important Windows functions that Hendricks is currently responsible for is the task manager. Therefore, there is now speculation as to what changes there might be for the task manager. According to his Twitter bio, Hendricks is a program manager at Microsoft and works on task manager and system tools, and is also currently involved in machine learning and artificial intelligence. At this point, it’s difficult to say what Hendricks is referring to, but we’ll find out soon enough.

If you had to guess, however, Neowin writes, Microsoft may be working toward making the task manager more Windows 11-like, something it’s been doing incrementally for some time. The original Windows 11 task manager itself was not a redesign as it was based on the style of Windows 10.

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