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Windows 11 And Xbox To Receive More Apple Services Including Apple TV, Apple Music, And iCloud Photos

Apple and Microsoft are deepening their partnership and announcing more apps from the iPhone inventor for Windows 11 and Xbox consoles. Accordingly, Apple TV, Music, and iCloud photos will soon also land on Windows PCs and even with deeper integrations.

After the Apple TV app has already been released for the Xbox, the introduction of Apple Music follows on Microsoft’s consoles. Next year, both will also be delivered to Windows 11 users via the Microsoft Store. For iCloud, on the other hand, the Redmond company has much more ambitious plans. Pictures and videos from the Apple cloud storage should be integrated directly into the new photos app.

iCloud Photos: Photos App For Windows 11

As can be seen in the first screenshot, iCloud Photos has its own menu item within the Photos app for Windows 11, similar to the in-house OneDrive storage. All recordings stored on the user’s iPhone or iPad can also be displayed on the PC without having to use web interfaces or data transfers. Accordingly, the content is also included in the “All Photos” stream.

The iCloud app, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, is required to use the iCloud photo integration. However, the interaction will initially only be activated for Windows Insiders in the Windows 11 Dev channel. Matching trial versions of the Apple TV and Apple Music apps will also be distributed. The final rollout, on the other hand, is only planned for next year.

It remains to be seen to what extent Microsoft will make further efforts to integrate Apple services on Windows 11. Among other things, iPhone users would certainly be happy about a better implementation of the smartphone link, especially with regard to possible iMessage functions. For the time being, however, in 2023 you will have to be satisfied with the multimedia apps.

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