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Windows Update Will Inform You When Your PC Is Ready For Windows 11

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With the system requirements for Windows 11, Microsoft has already caused a stir and there is correspondingly great uncertainty as to whether a certain device is upgradeable. The users will shortly be informed about this directly.

At least in the latest Windows 10 builds in the Release Preview Channel, testers are clearly told whether they can update their system directly after the official start date of the latest Windows edition. Windows Update now not only provides information about which updates are available for installation but also whether the PC meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11, reports WindowsLatest.

If this is the case, a green tick will appear on the right-hand side next to the available updates with the message “This PC can run Windows 11”. This is followed by enthusiastic-sounding information about what great news this is for the user and that you will be informed about the availability of the upgrade at the right time. But there is also a subtle warning that some features from the current Windows 10 will no longer be available in Windows 11.

Cab Be Installed On Lower PCs

It is already clear that Microsoft sets comparatively strict requirements for a system on which Windows 11 is to be installed. Even relatively current computers are left out. There was clear criticism of this, which led to some improvements, but nothing more than cosmetic corrections came out of it.

So far, however, it looks as if the system requirements are primarily used by the Windows Update function for the automatic upgrades. If, on the other hand, Windows 11 is installed via an ISO file, it can currently also be installed on weaker computers. Whether it will stay that way is officially not yet entirely clear, but it doesn’t look as if Microsoft is keen to push through the specifications with all its might.

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