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Wireless Charging Could be Damaging your iPhone

The latest option of wireless charging introduced for iPhone 8 and iPhone X has instead of easing things for people have made it difficult for many people, as the devices are having technical issues because of it.

The latest released iPhones are provided with spectacular features which include advanced camera settings, sleeker bodies, wireless charging and wider screens—thus they possess everything a gadget lover would like to have. However, some users are complaining about facing issues in charging their devices. The wireless charging pads do not come with the iPhone and are sold separately.

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As per wccftech, when an iPhone X is put on charging with a wire, the cable powers up the device. In the matter of wireless charging, the phone’s battery is getting power directly from the pad. This, in turn, puts the phone under a lot of strain and the phone either shuts down or heats up.

Another issue reported by many users is that the phone stops charging even if it is just slightly moved. Apparently, the device’s vibration could also cause disruption in charging.

According to Apple, the iPhone batteries are designed such that they retain up to eight percent of their actual capacity at five hundred complete charge cycles, which as per the blogger from ZDNet—Adrian Kingsley-Hughes would possibly be taking three years’ time to attain.

However, the ZDNet blogger discovered that the wireless charging is the reason to run these battery cycles much more quickly at this rate, the five hundred complete charge cycles would be attained within a time frame of twenty-months, which is not even two complete years of the phone usage.

Additionally, this new battery issue was brought in when Apple was found very recently guilty for slowing down older iPhone batteries intentionally, which placed Apple in a hot spot when more than thirty-six lawsuits were filed against the Cupertino-based firm.

Again, the tech giant is going through the battery problems that too in its iconic device and this would not be good for Apple in the long run.

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