With the closure of the Pebble app, X will have less competition

In competition with X, the Pebble app was quite popular for quite a few months. Sadly, the social media platform Pebble is now closing down. Until now, the platform has received tons of improvements and modifications. One of the significant improvements was the change of the name. The Pebble app was previously known as T2 Social. Moreover, the social media platform gave verified Twitter users their blue badges back when X Premium took them away.

Some users even believed that it could be a good competitor to X, but unfortunately, the app is not going well. It is because the app will shut down. Despite the closure of the app, the owners assert that the app will be back soon. Given the new changes and features introduced to X, unhappy users were looking for other platforms where they could share their thoughts and socialize. Such a situation gave rise to rival platforms.

Pebble, previously known as T2 Social, was one of the channels that could be used to lure away Twitter users who were transitioning. Pebble offered to return customers’ Twitter verification ticks as a way to entice them to the party. Although this guarantee was initially successful, it did not guarantee the platform’s expansion.

Pebble had tough competition with other social media sites that have a massive user base. In addition to this, the platform is facing issues with investors. The owners believe that Pebble will make a comeback shortly. Currently, the platform is undergoing redesign and reconstruction. In the meantime, Pebble users must download their personal archives before the app shuts down.  

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