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Work In Chile: Chile Introduces Leniency On Tech Visas After US Restrictions

Chile is the beautiful place to live and work, Chile is now focusing on Entrepreneurship and Startups to boost their economy. President of Chile Ms. Michelle Bachelet has recently announced Tech visas which is a streamlined visa process in just 15 days.

US Citizen and Immigration services department is now cracking down on H-1B visa program, which was favoring tech companies in the US. After the Trump administration they are putting several restrictions on visas which make it even harder to get one.

However, technology jobs remained at number 2 in the US, these jobs were also acquired by foreigners which could see the downward trend in future. UK has also launched their digital strategy to boost their economy with technology and becomes one of the best place to work for IT professionals.

Chile looks to leverage this opportunity for them, in order to give a push to their local tech companies they are attracting more foreigners and talent around the world.

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The new tech visas are to target entrepreneurs, founders, IT professionals and investors in tech businesses.

Startup Chile accelerator programs allow Entrepreneurs to acquire visa within 15 days if they are selected.

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Jack Fischl, co-founder of travel startup Keteka, told ZDNet that since 2014, when the startup was established, he has seen “hundreds” of Startup Chile teams move to the country and leave shortly after because “they find the logistics and bureaucracy of doing business in Chile to be suffocating”. He said lenient visa programs are, therefore, needed to retain talent.

“Visas are a huge factor that have stopped founders from staying in Chile, from relocating high talent team members here, and from recruiting the top talent on the market,” Fischl added.


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