‘X’ sign costed Elon Musk more than he expected

Everything is happening instantly from Twitter changing its logo as “X” to erecting a huge flashing sign on Twitter Head Quarters. As per reports via BBC, Elon Musk is billed for Twitters latest logo more than he expected.

In case you weren’t aware, Elon just ordered the addition of a massive X sign to the top of Twitter HQ. This was criticized right away, and the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection launched an inquiry into the sign. Elon failed to obtain the proper authorization to erect the sign.

In addition, the sign was glaringly bright. It cast a strong light on the structure across the street. In addition to being bright, it also flashed quickly. The needs of those who suffer from photosensitive illnesses like epilepsy were not considered.

Elon Musk was charged for the X sign more than he expected

Thankfully, the sign was removed, but it continues to cost the millionaire money. The bill for putting up the sign was undoubtedly paid from Elon’s wallet. The city of San Francisco, on the other hand, has a fresh bill for him.

While Elon did not obtain a permit to erect the sign, the city is still charging him the permit fee. He was also charged with removing the sign. We don’t know if these fees exceed the rise in the building’s electricity bill.

This is the latest in a long line of public relations stunts that appear to accomplish the reverse of what Elon desires. Naturally, Elon would want people to take his platform more seriously. However, with each prank he does, it becomes more difficult not to laugh at him and the company.

In any case, the sign is no longer visible, but Elon is pressing ahead with the new Twitter handle. While this is true, we have yet to see what Elon and Linda Yaccarino have in store for the platform in the future.

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