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Xbox Mini Fridge Is Announced

Xbox mini fridge

The joke that Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X is visually reminiscent of a refrigerator persists. The Redmond -based marketing department is reacting to this and is now actually bringing a mini-fridge in the design of the game console onto the market. This also keeps the promise made by Microsoft manager Aaron Greenberg.

In the course of a small race in a Twitter poll, he said that Microsoft would build an Xbox refrigerator if Microsoft is the cooler brand than the candy Skittles according to user votes. This actually led to the fact that the Redmond-based company will at least temporarily enter the business with corresponding devices.

Specifications Unknown

Because they didn’t just have a mini-refrigerator built as a prototype, which is now being given away, for example, as part of a competition – as was the case with the Xbox Series X Fridge. Rather, it should in principle be possible for a larger number of users to buy such a device. After all, this can be a real asset to the living area where gamers pursue their hobby. Chilled drinks are available here at any time, without having to interrupt the game session and run into the kitchen.

However, interested parties will still have to be patient. As can be seen from Microsoft’s announcement, the refrigerator will by no means be available for the coming hot summer days. There is still no exact date for the start of sales, but Microsoft announces in the latest trailer that the product will be in stores for the upcoming Christmas business. It is not known whether sales are limited to the USA or whether users in Europe are also given the opportunity to buy.

The Redmond-based company has also not yet said anything to the partner with whom the refrigerator will surely be produced jointly – based on this, something could be said about the further specifications. Because it is really about the “world’s most powerful mini-fridge”, as Microsoft says, can be doubted. This is more likely to be a pure reference to Xbox PR than a real description of services.

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