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Xiaomi 11T Pro Supports 120W Charging

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There have been rumors for some time that the upcoming Xiaomi flagship can be charged with a 120-watt power adapter. Now the manufacturer has confirmed that the smartphone has such a feature. The launch will take place next week.

A few days ago Unbox Therapy published a marketing video. The clip shows a Xiaomi smartphone whose screen shows that the device is charging at a speed of 120 watts. The tweet has now been shared from the manufacturer’s official Twitter account. The company calls the technology “Xiaomi HyperCharge” and emphasizes that the Xiaomi 11T Pro is compatible with appropriate power supplies .

One More Device With 120W support

This means that the new smartphone can be charged much faster than its predecessor models. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro only supported chargers with an output of 67 watts. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and the Mix 4, on the other hand, also had support for 120-watt power supplies on board. How much energy the Xiaomi 11T Pro can store remains unclear. It is conceivable that a 5000mAh battery is used in the device. The battery could then power a Snapdragon 888 processor and a 120Hz AMOLED display.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro will be unveiled on September 15th. The presentation begins at 2 p.m. Central European Summer Time. Here, not only the specifications but also the prices and availability of different variants of the new model should be announced. In addition to the future flagship smartphone, Xiaomi could also announce a number of new tablets at the event.

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