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Xiaomi Certifies Its First 144Hz Flagship Xiaomi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi 10T Pro 5G

Today, the Xiaomi 10T Pro (model M2007J3SI) has cleared BIS certification, which means that the device will be released overseas and not in China. Compared with Xiaomi 10 Pro, the screen of Xiaomi 10T Pro is a straight screen and the material is LCD. The former is an AMOLED hyperboloid flexible screen.

Not only that, the screen refresh rate of Xiaomi 10T Pro has reached 144Hz, but the screen size also is 6.67 inches, the resolution is 2340×1080, and the material is LCD. This is the first flagship of Xiaomi’s 144Hz LCD screen. The refresh rate contributes toward fast image processing while playing a game, the Xiaomi 10T Pro 5G could serve as one of the best gaming devices on the market as well.

In terms of specifications, both Xiaomi 10T Pro and Xiaomi 10 Pro use the Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, and the main rear camera is 100 megapixels. Among them, the Xiaomi 10T Pro also has a 20MP ultra-wide angle and an 8MP telephoto lens, and the battery capacity has reached 5000mAh (Mi 10 Pro battery capacity is 4500mAh). It is worth noting that the Amazon of Spain exposed the price of Xiaomi 10T Pro, which starts at 640 euros for the version (8GB + 128GB).