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Xiaomi competes with Samsung by providing five years of updates

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Google is the company behind Android, but the South Korean tech company is known for rolling out more software updates to its devices. Despite this, the Pixel phones are gaining popularity. In an attempt to surpass Google, Xiaomi is now interested in offering five years of software updates to its smartphones.

While choosing a new smartphone or tablet, it is essential to check for the number of software updates the device will receive. If a user plans to get a device for long-term purposes, then it is necessary to consider the timeframe of software updates for that particular device.

When it comes to Google Pixel smartphones, the company offers five years of security updates and three years of software updates. Well, this is not the best, but it is still somewhat considerable. On the other hand, Samsung extended software updates for five years with four major Android upgrades. Although it was released with an earlier version of Android, the Galaxy S23 will likewise lose support with Android 17.

Xiaomi changes its software update policy

Xiaomi posted the recent development on its Weibo page along with the announcement of the upcoming Redmi K60 Extreme Edition. Xiaomi will now begin providing four significant updates to Android software over the course of five years. That is comparable to Samsung. Currently, there are not many details about the company’s new policy. So, there is a possibility that it might not be competitive with what Samsung offers. Things will become clear with time. Besides this, there are no details on whether devices like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra are eligible for this policy or not.

Google might come up with some changes

Some reports suggest that Google might modify its update policy for the Pixel 8 smartphones. We don’t yet know the extent to which Google will improve its policy, but the company asserts that it will be superior to what Samsung provides. If so, we ought to be eager to learn what Google has in store.

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