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In 2025, Meta will release a $2,000 VR headset in collaboration with LG

Honestly, we are unaware of what will happen next with the Meta Quest Pro. Well, the headset is no match or competition to what Apple debuted a few months ago. Previously, a few reports claimed that Meta had canceled its plans for the Meta Quest Pro. As of now, some fresh pieces of information suggest that Meta is collaborating with LG in order to work on an improved product. The information was shared by Maeil Business Newspaper, a Korean publication.

Reportedly, LG Display will supply OLED microdisplays to Meta. In addition to this, LG Energy will provide batteries, and some other components will be provided by LG Innotek. Reports suggest that the headset will debut in 2025. It will come with a price tag of $2000. Quest Pro was introduced with a $1,500 price tag that was later reduced to $1,000. Well, both price tags are below the hefty $3,500 price tag of Apple’s Vision Pro, set to be released next year. From this perspective, the two devices don’t appear to be direct competitors.

Currently, there are no details on what will be added to Meta’s new headset. Of course, the inclusion of OLED microdisplays will improve the resolution compared to the one offered with Quest Pro. Quest Pro features 7 million pixels in total; on the other hand, Apple’s Vision Pro features 23 million pixels in total. We should learn more about this Pro headset before 2025 because Meta has a history of being rather transparent about the VR technology it is creating in its labs.

In addition to this, Meta will debut Quest 3 with a price tag of $500 this fall. Besides this, the company is also working on a cheaper product that will come with a price tag of under sub-$200 in 2024. It could possibly be $199. Anyway, it will be lower than the current price of the Quest 2, which is $300 and it is not part of the deal with LG.

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