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Xiaomi Got Certification Of A New Mysterious Device With 100MP Camera

100 Megapixels Redmi

The development of mobile photography to this day has become higher and higher in terms of pixels. Prior to this, Xiaomi launched a number of mass-produced mobile phones equipped with 100 million pixel lenses. Recently, a Xiaomi mobile phone code-named Gauguin has passed the certification, and it is reported that it will be another Xiaomi phone equipped with a 100-megapixel lens.

According to the details, this new machine should be the Redmi series and speculated that it may be released as the successor of Redmi Note 10. It is speculated that this device is equipped with the same 100 million pixel module of the Xiaomi Mi 10, with a sensor area of 1/1.33 inches. A larger “bottom” can bring more light, thereby further enhancing the effect of night imaging.

According to the Chinese blogger who broke the news, this will be a “cheaper 100-megapixel new device“, so the release by the Redmi series is also very in line with the positioning. Although there are still some debates in the industry regarding the necessity and practicality of 100 megapixels, it cannot be denied that it has a positive effect on the development of mobile phone photography. As for the actual strength of this phone, we can only wait for the press conference to know.