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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Camera Peeks Out In A Video

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra was officially presented last month as the company’s top range for the second half of the year, but a video that appeared on the net in the past few hours could allude to an alternative version.

A video has been published on Twitter showing a device perfectly identical to Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra in the back, with a different detail on the front: the camera is not in fact inserted in a hole but is integrated into the display itself.

Xiaomi has already presented the third generation of cameras under the display, also officially announcing its production, so a new variant of the top of the range could arrive around October or November.

The video, however, could also be misleading and simply show a smartphone prototype with a camera integrated into the display: for convenience, Xiaomi could have used a  Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra to test this new technology, which could make its debut in a different device in the next months. Xiaomi hasn’t commented on this, but if this variant of the smartphone is really about to hit the market, we shouldn’t have to wait long to receive new information.

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