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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Will Not Launch In China

Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi is recently launched Redmi Note 9 Pro Max in India and some other markets, the company is actively working on Redmi Note Pro series, we got some specifications leaks earlier on Geekbench after that the device launch became closer as we all know.

However, Redmi Note 9 Pro series is not launching in China as Vice President of Xiaomi and President of Redmi has announced on social media. Lu Weibing confirms that the Chinese market is now more focused on launching 5G smartphones and the high-end 4G devices are for worldwide competitive markets.

He is what Lu said, “The Redmi Note9 Pro series is currently only planned to be sold in overseas markets. Although this is a very competitive 4G thousand yuan flagship, it will surely sell well worldwide! The Chinese market will focus on 5G products!”

It is quite clear now that Redmi believes that China doesn’t need 4G smartphones from now on because Chinese 5G infrastructure is growing rapidly, and the 5G smartphones demand in China has surged lately. Therefore, Redmi is thinking positively towards future growth, launching 4G phones in the Chinese market would adversely affect the company’s growth in China.

As reported earlier, that Redmi K3 Pro 5G device is launching soon after a poster release, it can also be deducted that Redmi K3 Pro 5G would be launched in China as soon as the other Redmi device Note 9 Pro launches in other countries. It is also speculated that Redmi may skip the Note 9 series and start Redmi Note 10 due to the company’s 10th anniversary, just like previously the company skipped Mi 7 and launched Xiaomi Mi 8 to celebrate 8th anniversary.