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Xiaomi Redmi To Launch 64MP camera smartphone soon

Samsung unveiled its plans to launch a whopping 64MP camera earlier this year, and now the Chinese manufacturer is ready to join the race. The company has teased a sample of the 64MP camera on its Weibo profile today which indicated that Xiaomi Redmi is going to launch a smartphone with 64MP cameras soon.

Xiaomi’s subsidiary Redmi said in a statement that the industry is already heading towards 64MP benchmark and we are expecting to see the 64MP camera phone launching soon.

Samsung Announces 64MP camera sensor

It is not clear yet whether the company will use Samsung’s 64MP sensor or it will develop its own. The image posted by Redmi doesn’t even mention the sensor details but it is highly likely according to the timeline given that Xiaomi Redmi will use Samsung’s 64MP sensor as we did not hear about Xiaomi developing its own 64MP sensor in the past.

The upcoming 64MP sensor uses Tetracell binding technology which pushes out 16MP photos in low light. There might be a 64MP toggle to use all the pixels, it is recommended to do only in a good light because it doesn’t provide extra details as binned version, said GSMArena. The expectation from a 64MP sensor includes improved autofocus capabilities and Full HD videos @480 fps. Also, the Quad Bayer sensor will deploy real-time HDR.

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