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WhatsApp to introduce New Voice Message Preview Feature

WhatsApp is testing a new voice message preview feature in the notification panel on iOS. Presently when a user gets a notification for a voice message, they need to open WhatsApp in order to listen to it. Voice messages cannot be played from the notification panel, unlike the texts and pictures.

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The voice message will display the play button along with the navigation bar in the notification blob. Currently, the feature is being tested. It is not known when the feature will make it to the stable version. It will be tested for the Android platform.

Other important features that will arrive with iOS 13 include Dark Mode. It is said that Dark Mode will be first introduced in iOS and then on Android.

WhatsApp earlier received backlash after the security researchers found out that hackers are using images shared on WhatsApp to spread disreputable codes that can compromise user data. 

WhatsApp responded to the concerns of the users and said that it will provide “updates in line with Android’s ongoing development”. The same issues were faced by Telegram users but Telegram did not give any statement.

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