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Xiaomi To Launch Smart Speaker With Google Assistant Soon In Europe

Xiaomi Smart Speaker

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will soon also be bringing its Mi Smart Speaker to Europe. The network loudspeaker will have support for Google Assistant in this country and will probably be an inexpensive alternative to Google’s own Nest speakers.

As can be seen from the information we have from the retail sector, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is about to be launched in Europe. The price is 52.99 euros in Spain and 59.95 euros in Portugal so that the device offers better features than the Google Nest Audio or Google Nest Mini at a lower price.

As in India, the device can be used to interact with Google’s voice assistant and can be integrated into existing wireless networks via 2.4 or 5 gigahertz WLAN. The Mi Smart Speaker is visually reminiscent of a mixture of the first-generation Google Home and the Amazon Echo speakers, as it has a relatively cylindrical shape and at the same time an LED strip on the upper edge.

Inside is a 2.5-inch loudspeaker with a maximum output of 12 watts, which the manufacturer combines with an audio processor from Texas Instruments. Ultimately, support for DTS audio should be given. The whole thing is driven by an AMLogic A113X SoC with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores and 512 megabytes of RAM. In addition, there are two long-range microphones that should be able to pick up the user’s voice from all directions and even from a greater distance.

In addition, the Xiaomi loudspeaker with Google Assistant also has some touch surfaces on the top, which can be used, for example, to control media playback and activate the voice assistant. The device is a good 15 centimeters high and weighs a good 850 grams.

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