Xiaomi unveils the CyberDog 2: a new bio-inspired robot

Xiaomi CyberDog

The original CyberDog by Xiaomi was unveiled in 2021. The company has now come forward with a follow-up on the robot. It is basically a bio-inspired robot named Xiaomi CyberDog 2. The company has introduced the robot with advanced characters like intelligence and lifelike attributes.

CyberDog 2 weighs 8.9 kg. It resembles a Doberman in size. CyberDog 2 features Xiaomi’s CyberBear micro-actuator, which helps with the agility of the robot. Notably, the company has kept the new robot as open-source as possible. As per reports, Xiaomi has provided access to structural drawings, graphical programming, and coding to developers.

An NX processor, 21 TOPS, is a part of the CyberDog 2. The dual co-processors act as secondary brains for the robot. It accompanies a 13MP Interactive AI camera, an RGB camera, a depth camera module, Intel Realsense D430, a fisheye camera, and a 146-degree FoV.

Besides this, it includes four microphones. It utilizes the company’s AI voice algorithm. It even includes a touch sensor, along with a LiDAR sensor, an acoustic sensor, and a ToF sensor. CyberDog 2 has a limb count of 12. It can run at a speed of 1.6 meters per second. Other attributes of bio-inspired robots include dynamic balance, fall recovery, and fall protection.

CyberDog 2 is priced at CNY 12,999 ($1,789). There is no possibility that the robot will make its way to the international market. Users can purchase the robot from Xiaomi’s homeland.

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