You can hide your phone number in WhatsApp Community Chats

When it comes to the famous and commonly used instant messaging app, the name of Meta-owned WhatsApp immediately pops into our minds. Over the course of the previous few months, the company has added a variety of new features to WhatsApp. Some of them are enhanced security and privacy, easy data transfer from Android to iOS, chat transfer, community features, and more. Currently, Meta is working on a feature that will improve the privacy of the Communities for the users.

Users can create groups of similar interests using the Community feature. They can freely discuss a common topic either in the form of a one-way communication channel for brands and famous personalities or in the form of a school group for transferring the relevant details across the masses. As soon as a user joins a community, their phone number is visible to other users when they post or react to a message. However, things are going to change since WhatsApp will now enable users to hide their contact numbers from other members of a Community.

WhatsApp Communities gets an additional privacy layer

Users can hide their phone numbers by turning on the Phone Number Privacy from the Community Settings. As soon as the feature is turned on, the phone number no longer appears to other participants. Well, this is definitely an added privacy layer. Users can activate or deactivate the feature in accordance with their preferences. However, the phone number of Community admins will always be visible to members joining the Community.

On the other hand, users can also request the phone number of a Community member in case it is hidden. As soon as the request is paced, the respective user receives it. In case a user approves the request, the phone number will be visible to the one who requested it. Some users have access to this feature. Others can also access it by downloading version of the app on Android devices.

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