You can now easily manage apps across multiple devices

The Android landscape is not just limited to smartphones since it is used to power other products and devices, including smartwatches, Android TVs, and more. The apps on one Android device can be connected to another device in several different ways. It is quite an easy approach to managing apps across multiple devices. According to some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google has introduced a new feature that will make it convenient to manage apps on a connected device.

Reportedly, the new feature arrived quietly as part of an update that was rolled out to the Play Store. To be more accurate, the new feature will help users uninstall apps on their connected devices. The apps can be uninstalled via the Play Store on a user’s smartphone. The tech giant Google has not shared any details regarding the feature or the supported device categories.

However, some early pieces of information hint that the smartwatches will be the first to debut this feature. However, it also makes sense that you could hypothetically delete TV and tablet apps using your phone. It is a nice addition, even if it remains restricted to smartwatches.

On Android phones, users can install Wear OS apps through the Play Store. However, Google prevents you from uninstalling these apps through the Play Store on your phone. In any case, we’re happy to see more seamless interaction between Google-powered phones and other linked gadgets.

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