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You Can Now Edit WhatsApp Sent Messages

Good news for WhatsApp users. After extensive beta tests, Meta is now equipping its popular messenger with the option of editing messages that have already been sent. However, typing errors and the like can only be eliminated for 15 minutes afterward.

Users of the WhatsApp messaging application had to wait a long time to edit sent messages, and now the long overdue function has finally started. The Meta subsidiary is now officially announcing this in a blog post. However, the update will be distributed in waves, which means that the worldwide rollout can take a few weeks.

How to Edit WhatsApp Sent Messages: “Tap and hold on a sent message and select ‘Edit’ from the menu that appears. This option is available for up to 15 minutes after the message is sent.”

If a message is successfully edited, it will be displayed as “edited” to the recipient. Thus, the chat partner should be informed about the correction, but without the possibility to see a change in history. Furthermore, WhatsApp emphasizes that all changes made to the text, as well as personal messages, media, and calls in general, are end-to-end encrypted.

More WhatsApp Innovations in 2023

As our WhatsApp special shows, a large number of changes have already been made this year. Personal conversations can now be additionally protected with a password, surveys can be posted in group chats, WhatsApp accounts can be used on multiple phones and many new account protection options can be used. 

In addition, the messenger’s desktop app for Windows has been completely overhauled, status reports and call functions have been improved and the avatars known from the meta platform have been introduced.

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