You can now make video calls using your Meta avatar on Instagram and Messenger

Do you hesitate to make video calls on social media platforms? Just don’t worry a new feature is on its way to rescue you. Users of Instagram and Messenger can now use their avatars during video calls.  Meta has recently announced the upcoming feature. Such a feature will be helpful in situations when users are not camera-ready. It will serve as a third choice between camera-off and camera-on. Thus, making the users feel a little more present during the call. The new feature is now available on the latest version of Android and iOS of Instagram and Messenger.

Meta introduces Avatars in video calls on Messenger and Instagram

The avatars will even showcase the facial expressions and mouth movements during the video call thus adding a real-life experience. Moreover, users can change their avatars to different characters like animals and others. Also according to Meta, “We’re standardizing the appearance of our avatars throughout all of our platforms, so the manner in which you show up in VR will be identical to the way you appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.”

In addition to this, the company will introduce animated avatar stickers. The animated stickers are actually the look-alike of the Meta avatar. For instance, users can create a sticker waving hello and use it for posting in the comments section. Besides this, Meta says that users can use animated avatar stickers on Reels and Stories on Instagram and Facebook, in Facebook comments, and in messages on both platforms.

Meta is trying to standardize various features across all of its platforms like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp. Some of the standardized features are account syncing, stickers, cross-platform sharing, privacy and security, and now, avatars.

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