You can now turn YouTube Short comments into YouTube Shorts video

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The primary goal of YouTube Shorts, like its rival apps from TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, is to provide an unlimited stream of material in a vertical feed. To increase user engagement, Google frequently tests new features, much like the standalone YouTube web and mobile apps. The YouTube team has now announced one such new experiment that will soon be available to a select number of Android and iOS users and in which users will be able to use a comment from a video they are currently viewing to make a new Shorts video.

This new aspect is covered in more detail on the help page for the YouTube team that lists all the new experiments. This test, which is officially described as “viewer-created Shorts featuring comments,” comes with a few restrictions in addition to its limited accessibility. First off, YouTube says creators won’t be notified when new material is generated utilizing a comment from their uploaded video. However, creators cannot control whatever comment their viewers choose to turn into a Short. No notification will be sent to the original comment’s author either.

In addition to the regular YouTube Shorts feed, the user who created the new Short will also be able to discover it on their channel’s home page. On the Android and iOS platforms, only a “small percentage of viewers” will be able to see this test enabled. It’s unclear what this new experiment would look like because the support page didn’t include any screenshots.

Although creators have little influence over which comments become Shorts, they can prevent this from happening by turning off comments on their videos, according to the YouTube support team. It’s too soon to say whether this experimental feature will ever be made available to more people. Given that YouTube makes it apparent that not all of its experiments are made public, the fact that this one could be a sign that more people will be able to access it in the future.

The Google-owned streaming service for videos also conducts intriguing new tests aimed at YouTube and YouTube Music customers. Last week, a small percentage of YouTube Premium users began to see longer previews online when navigating the search bar. While some of these tests are good, others tend to solve problems that aren’t even there.

YouTube Shorts, despite arriving a little late to the fray, have capitalized on the buzz surrounding short-form vertical video content, which was primarily popularized by apps like TikTok and quickly adopted by Instagram in the form of Reels. The addition of Shorts was always planned for the site because a sizable majority of online users currently use YouTube for their regular dosage of entertainment, including and not limited to music videos, gaming streams, educational content, and even podcasts, to mention a few.

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