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You can still share your Netflix account, but there is a fee

One of the main reasons behind the large consumer base of Netflix was the account-sharing trend. For years users have enjoyed tons of content by subscribing to this service. However, the company has recently changed its policy for password sharing. Last year, the company declared that it would start cracking down on accounts that were used outside a particular house.

Since then these modifications have become effective in certain regions of the world. As of now, the policy has been introduced to the US users. the company states that the changes will be implemented from now onwards. Netflix will send notification emails to users sharing account passwords with outsiders.

Netflix has not been acknowledged by users for its current crackdown on password sharing. Since the company initially acknowledged this practice by users and even promoted the thing on social media. By the time the company announced its new policy on account sharing it was believed that no accounts could be shared any longer. However, this is a wrong belief as the company has conditioned password sharing.

Users can still share their accounts with people outside their houses. However, it won’t come for free anymore. Users will be required to pay an extra $7.99 and buy an extra member. Users can only add one member to their account. However, the subscribers of the premium account can add two extra members, each for $7.99.

Instead, Netflix is attempting to make the procedure as easy as possible for individuals who choose to create their own accounts simply. According to Netflix, you can transfer your profile to a new membership you pay for if it is currently on someone else’s account. These changes were not unexpected, but they are clearly not ones that many Netflix users want to see. We all anticipated the day’s arrival.