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You may now have to endure 30-second unskippable ads on YouTube

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Streaming apps are becoming popular among users and are replacing cable TV. Many streaming services are available; YouTube is among the top ones. You can choose to pay for YouTube Premium or put up with the advertising that YouTube and its creative community utilize to monetize videos. However, certain YouTube viewers, such as those using linked TVs, may now have to endure obscenely long 30-second ads that cannot be skipped.

YouTube recently revealed that it has a staggering 150 million connected TV viewers in the US alone at the Brandcast 2023 event for prospective advertisers. More YouTube video viewers mean more people to advertise to and more opportunities for ad placement, which is good news for advertisers and businesses. Therefore, the business disclosed that it would replace two 15-second skippable ads on linked TVs with one 30-second skippable spot.

One of the most popular entertainment platforms now, Google’s platform didn’t mince words when it promised marketers more time to use the enormous screens in people’s homes. More screen time increases the likelihood of engaging the audience and developing a gripping plot to promote the product or service.

Although we suspect the firm saw commercial logic in this move after trying our patience with unskippable ads in September of last year, YouTube claims this has no format-related effects on viewers. It would be wonderful if all advertisements were placed before material that wasn’t interrupted, but the only option to do so is to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Although for the time being only linked TVs will see these improvements, YouTube’s language leaves other options open. There is no reason why YouTube couldn’t try its luck with 30-second unskippable commercials on mobile, even if more viewers like to watch long-form video on larger displays. Although we don’t want to give them any inspiration, it is extremely possible.

Through YouTube Select, advertisers may reserve these new 30-second slots after selecting their target market and the types of YouTube creators they want to run their advertisements on. For Brandcast, Google provided additional important viewership figures that were also directed towards advertisers. They also indicated prospects for businesses to maybe promote their brands even when users halt the material they are watching.