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YouTube is making the Community tab available for more users

Social media is advancing, and it proves to be a great medium for promoting your business. Various companies tend to blend in with social media sites for that purpose. Despite this fact, YouTube was working over the community tab for a period of time that was limited to a certain audience. But as per the latest information via Android Police, this feature will be available to more users now.

YouTube’s community tab

YouTube started with the idea of a video-sharing platform, which it is today too, but with some advanced tools. The platform is aimed at providing better ways for users to enhance interactions between themselves and their communities.

The latest feature, the community tab, will provide users with a platform where they can post text-based updates, pictures, polls, quizzes, and much more. This feature is like providing Twitter on YouTube for users, which will allow them to interact more with their favourite creators.

The community feature will be available for more users

This latest feature will provide expanded sources to help increase interaction between users and creators. However, there’s a hunch. Being a small creator on the platform, you need to have at least 500 subscribers to be able to unlock that feature. Although the statistics for that aren’t very high, it’s still a milestone to reach at that point.

The restriction is currently being lifted by YouTube. It makes no difference if you have 500 or five subscribers. The YouTube Studio app can be used to register for the feature. For it to function, you must choose the advanced features.

This is a smart decision by YouTube because having this functionality is better for smaller creators. Larger creators find it harder to engage with their communities. It’s challenging to respond to the hundreds of thousands of comments they receive on their posts.

Smaller creators, on the other hand, find it far simpler to stay in touch with their audiences. The community tab will make it easier for smaller authors to interact with the community.

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