You might soon be able to transmit video calls on Android

According to some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google is experimenting with a new feature for Android. The new feature is related to improving video calls on Android. Users may transfer video chats between devices using the function labeled “Device Groups,” according to 9to5Google.

Google’s most recent Android innovations are focused on integrating Android devices better and enhancing cross-device capability. The technological behemoth is currently working on a feature called “Link your devices” that would let users link a number of devices to a single Google account.

Reportedly, on Android, the company has replaced “Link your devices” with “Device Groups.” The source mentions that with this feature, users can invite their own devices to a group. As soon as the invitation is accepted, the video calls can be transferred to the device. Moreover, users can also share the internet with an offline device.

Three options will be available with the Device Groups. According to Google, users can view ongoing calls and transfer them smoothly. This is the first option. Well, this is an extremely useful feature when transferring a video call from an Android smartphone to a tablet. Make sure that the secondary device uses the same Google account to seamlessly transfer video calls.

Secondly, users can share internet connections, similar to hotspot sharing. It is unclear whether this functionality relies on Bluetooth Internet or a hotspot. In order to give their apps a multi-device experience, app developers can find the cross-device SDK on the Android developer website. This SDK is currently used by Google’s Cross-Device Services to support Android apps on Chromebooks.

Currently, the feature is under development, and there is no information about its release date. Similar to this feature, the company is also working on a feature that enables users to transfer voice calls between multiple devices.

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