You must refrain from installing ‘Wrapped for Instagram’ at all costs


Spotify is becoming an immensely popular trend as it provides insight into your listening habits. Inspired by this, an app called “Wrapped from Instagram” is circulating. This app claims to provide you with insight and statistics about your Instagram usage throughout the year. Other than that, there are some suspicions about the app. As per information from several reports on Reddit, something about this app isn’t right.

What’s about this app

This app was recently released on the App store and is claiming to provide you with statistics of your Instagram usage throughout the year. It will provide a detailed overview including your top online friends, accounts blocked by you and much more. The first warning sign is when this app asks you for your Instagram credentials to provide you with an insight of your activity.

Other than that, these statistics are incorrect as many users received exaggerated reported hours of screen time than their actual screen time. Also, these statistics show differently with each login that is raising questions on the accuracy of these insights. Moreover, many users were logged out by their accounts by giving credentials on this app that is a huge warning sign. As it is possible that it might be way to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

The developer of this app is questionable

Mostly wrapped summaries on Spotify, TikTok and Apple music are offered by these platforms officially but the fact that tis wrap isn’t owned by Meta. A company, Wrapped LLC owns the app instead that is providing website link to a non-functional URL.

Furthermore, the app employs third-party services that gather user data for identification, according to its privacy policy, which is only accessible on a Notion website. Furthermore, there isn’t any solid proof to support the company’s assertion that it protects personal data. Additionally, a representative for Meta said in a statement to Digital Trends, “We’ve asked Apple to remove this app from the App Store because it violates our terms.”

Users should thus, at all costs, refrain from downloading Wrapped for Instagram. In order to safeguard security and privacy, it is also generally advised to proceed with caution when allowing third-party apps access to social network accounts.

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