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YouTube could introduce some AI tools for creators

A few weeks ago some information sources indicated that CEO Susan Wojcicki was on her way out of the company. The position has been taken over by Neal Mohan. Reportedly, the executive addressed the YouTube community. It seems like the company is up to something new and big. In the coming months, we can expect various new features. and of course, we can anticipate that the platform gets equipped with generative AI tools.  

Nowadays every tech company is reimaging its image from the perspective of AI tools. Tech companies are in a race to acquire the latest AI advancements in their products and services. like we have previously observed with Google, Microsoft, and many others testing the new developments. While YouTube has not unveiled any such plans as yet. But the incoming executive, Mohan states that the company is considering some tools that will benefit creators. These tools will provide the creators with the ability to generate virtual outfits for themselves, or create custom backdrops (apparently with the aid of some chroma keying).

In contrast to Google’s strategy, YouTube is not in a hurry to announce any of the developments or features as of now. It seems like the company wants to take its due time before introducing any tool just to secure the right approach. Since AI is presented with various copyright and privacy issues. So, caution should be practiced. Besides this, some other modifications could be some new tools for Shorts,

Mohan continues by highlighting the service’s efforts to promote inclusivity, such as the updated multilingual audio support and enhanced captioning. We also learn more about the growing significance of TV for YouTube. It is anticipated to continue to grow and become one of the fastest-expanding device types as we further move down the year.