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Youtube finally released dark theme for Android phones

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YouTube has taken as much time as necessary bringing its “dark theme” to Android (iOS clients got the option in March), yet it’s at long last here. The streaming video giant has begun revealing the alternative to at any rate some Google-fueled gadgets.

On the off chance that you have it on your telephone, you’ll see it your Settings’ General area. It’s not sure how soon everybody will get the feature, however it might take some days to arrive. Try not to give up in case you’re taking a look at the commonplace white setting for some time.

As on iOS and the web, this flips the primary interface foundation to a dim with white content to finish everything. It’s generally useful for saving your eyes amid late night video marathons (insofar as the videos themselves aren’t blinding, obviously). The app’s background, settings, search pages, and anything else that was previously white adopts the dark theme. The compact, minimized video player and all tabs also get this same treatment.

Channels still retain their colorful app bars, while the biggest impact of the dark theme is on the video page — where the video player is black before it fully loads. The initial loading experience is now less visually jarring.

So far as that is concerned, it’s likewise engaging on the off chance that you have one of the developing number of notched Android telephones available – in case you’re irritated by that missing lump of screen, it’ll be to some degree less obvious while you’re browsing videos.

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