YouTube is testing a new way to access Shorts


For the past few years, YouTube has been trying hard to compete with TikTok via YouTube shorts. For now, you can access these short videos in many ways. However, according to the latest reports, YouTube is testing a new button that’ll lead you to YouTube shorts. The competition is still ongoing between TikTok, reels, shorts, and the spotlight from Snapchat. YouTube is working on making shorts much more accessible.

When you open the app, you’ll see a series of videos based on your viewing history. It also includes videos from the people you follow as well as from people you don’t follow. Other than that, you can also access these videos from the bottom bar, which will provide a vertical scrolling experience.

YouTube is testing a new button that’ll make it easier to access shorts

This latest feature is in the testing phase, and to do so, it is being provided to selected users. To experience this feature, you must make sure that your app is fully updated.

In the lower right corner of the screen, there will be a small black Play button if you are a test participant. Pressing the button will direct you to an arbitrary short. It resembles a button that says, “Just take me to a short, I don’t care.” When you tap on it, the program decides what will happen to you, but the short it leads you to is one that you have recommended.

Hence, you can touch the button to direct you to Shorts if you’re aimlessly browsing the app and have no idea what to watch. When YouTube will make this available to the public is unknown. Since it’s already appearing, it suggests that it won’t take too long.

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