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YouTube Kids: A New Design and Kids Profiles

YouTube has now introduced a kid’s profile, newer parental controls and a new design for its kids-focused app that was rolled out to the users two days back.

YouTube Kids is the firm’s child-friendly app it was launched back in 2015. Now a refreshed design of the app has been introduced.

YouTube APAC’s head of Kids and Learning Partnerships informed that now the parents would be able to make their child specific profile, this new design would help them in segmenting the kind of content they would want their children of various age groups to see.

At present parents can make up to ten profiles.

The design is such to even keep the kids interested and encouraged. The children can keep their own passcodes for accessing their profiles so that no other kid could use or manipulate their profile. However, parents would be having an option to surpass this passcode.

The company says that YouTube Kids has received more than seventy billion views and eleven million actives per week viewership in thirty-seven nations. Currently, the app is available in thirty-seven countries.

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The recently introduced profile feature is available in these countries, namely Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Uganda, South Korea, Tanzania, Singapore, United States, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Philippines, Nepal, Argentina, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Colombia, Kenya, India, Ghana, Jamaica and Pakistan.

The app is also provided with a new look, with such a design personalized as per the age group of the child. Younger kids would be seeing more symbols, colors, icons, characters but less text whereas for older kids the material on the home screen is much more. YouTube Kids adapts to the age-appropriate look once the date of birth of the child is entered.

The app filters out the mature content not suitable for young minds and enable the kids to watch only the kids appropriate material.

From the app store, YouTube Kids could easily be downloaded.

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