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YouTube Music is testing a modified Casting UI along with live-scrolling lyrics


The latest Android 13 updates brought some modifications to YouTube Music. The most recent changes were the support for Cast devices. It received assistance for Google Cast devices given the audio output switcher. As of now, something interesting is on its way by Google. Reportedly, Google is testing a new feature for live-scrolling lyrics. It is accompanied by an altered Casting UI. The most interesting part of this feature testing is that it has been already introduced to some users.

The new casting was identified by a Redditor named u/PmMeYourChromebook. It was spotted by the user while directing YouTube Music from Android to Chromecast Ultra. In addition to this, some other changes have also been introduced. These changes include alterations in the positioning of the name of song, the name of the artist as well as the artwork of the album. Where previously all such information was presented at the center of the screen. Now the relocated position shows it on the right with the text aligned on left.

The center space is now unoccupied. It is the place where users can scroll through the live lyrics. The current lyric will be painted in white color. Where the backdrop of the scrolling live lyrics will be the blur vision of the album artwork. Once the song finishes, the live lyrics will also end. Afterward, the users would be presented with the names of credited songwriters. In addition to this, it was also notified that if a song is not provided with its lyrics, the old UI design reappears. The artwork of the album appears instead of scrolling through live lyrics.

Currently, the new feature is not rolling out on a massive scale. However, this might be introduced to larger audiences in the future. It is most expectedly part of a collaboration with MusixMatch. In comparison to Spotify and Apple Music, the latest feature on YouTube Music appeared static. Since it neither scrolls nor gets highlighted when the track plays.