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YouTube Music tries to let you build your own radio station.

The “music streaming” app’s radio. As users, we readily accept this goofy little anachronism. Somebody we don’t know personally built a playlist for us to listen with the slightest hint of having favorite genre, an artist, an album, or perhaps even a particular song. Boom! This radio station plays magic. However, YouTube Music may soon offer a means for you to add some additional ingredients to make some radio soup.

The latest feature with the name, “create a radio” has been appearing for some users. The main attraction for them will be a call-to-action card on the home screen.

Users select from a variety of artists to include in their station, just as they would during initial setup. They then move on to a screen where they may decide whether their mix consists of the known, the unknown, or both, as well as a few more tabs for large reductions, themes, and other seasonings. After that, a playlist is created.

Users don’t appear to be able to add the playlist to their libraries, as u/notjhoan and a few other users who have this functionality mention in the r/YouTube Music subreddit. A decision has also been taken to play Mäneskin’s Beggin on a radio station that frequently plays K-Pop music. A title field should be added to the construction procedure, per our neighbors at 9to5Google, who also point out that having the playlist name simply be a list of the artists’ names is, to put it mildly, weird. Thanks.

It’s possible that features added during A/B testing won’t remain there permanently. However, Spotify has occasionally experimented with this idea as a lark, so perhaps YouTube Music wants to set some stakes in this dispute.