YouTube Music might let you drop comments on your favorite songs

Do you ever get the urge to leave a comment on a song you’ve just listened to on YouTube Music?

Some people might find this strange, but YouTube thinks there are people out there who want to do this. The Now Playing layout of the app may soon include a comment option as a result.

It’s amusing that some people already have this comment option on their mobile apps. This is a component of the app’s new redesign, which was implemented to make streaming more enjoyable. There are many changes brought about by this makeover, but the new comment function that users now have is of particular concern.

Not every user of YouTube Music will respond in the same way when informed that the streaming service is receiving a comment button. While some people might be excited to use this comment button, others could be a little hesitant. Regardless of your position, it’s critical to get ready for the release of this feature.

YouTube Music comment function might not be suitable for everyone

This comment function is now available for some users’ upgrades on the Now Playing page thanks to the makeover. The album cover, song lyrics, and media controls are displayed on this interface. Controls (such as the download, save, share, and radio buttons) will be a little bit easier for consumers to access thanks to this makeover.

These buttons are now available on the Now Playing page, immediately beneath the artist’s name and song title. Additionally, the like and dislike buttons will relocate from their current place to this section, where they will join the other buttons. For certain users, the comment button is included with these control buttons, enabling them to express their opinions on the music they are listening to.

This is much like the YouTube app, where users may leave comments on the videos they view. The goal of YouTube Music is to implement this feature and enable users to post comments on various songs. Although some users might enjoy this new function, certain artists might not find it amusing.

The inclusion of this capability could expose songs that an artist uploads to YouTube Music to a wide range of comments. Other streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify, don’t even offer comment sections for individual songs. YouTube may give artists the choice to allow or limit comments on their music to protect them from disruptive users.

However, at this time, only a select group of YouTube Music subscribers can access this feature. You could notice a comment button on your app after the Now Playing page redesign is implemented.

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