YouTube Music Now Allows Custom AI Playlist Art

YouTube Music has unveiled a novel feature allowing users to generate custom playlist art through the utilization of generative artificial intelligence (AI). This feature is now available to English language users in the United States and is expected to be rolled out to other regions and languages in the future. Here are the details of this innovative feature:

Custom AI Playlist Art

Users can now personalize the visual appeal of their playlists by creating custom playlist art using generative AI. This feature provides a user-friendly interface where individuals can select from various themes such as travel, nature, landscape, fantasy, animals, and humor. After choosing a theme, users can scroll through a selection of prompts to further customize the artwork.

For instance, selecting the animal theme allows users to choose imagery like a pug depicted in the style of a Medieval Gothic or Pop Art painting. Upon finalizing their selections, users can hit the “Create” button to generate a series of AI-crafted images, choose their preferred image, and save it as their playlist art. This process allows for the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind cover art that encapsulates the essence of personal playlists.

Ease of Access

Initiating the process is simple—users need to click on the current default image of a playlist, which will then allow them to start customizing. The guided experience is designed to let users effortlessly explore a variety of visual themes and options, making it an engaging way to enhance the visual representation of their playlists.

Categories for Customization

The AI playlist art generator allows users to cycle through categories like Colors, Cycles, Travel, Moods, Nature, Animals, Landscapes, Food and Drinks, Fantasy, Workout, or Humor. Selecting any of these categories will generate a random set of pictures, adding a level of personalization and creativity to the playlist art creation process


This feature amplifies the personal touch users can add to their playlists, making YouTube Music a more interactive and personalized platform. By leveraging AI, the platform simplifies the process of creating visually appealing playlist art, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


As of now, this feature is categorized as experimental and is available to US-based English language users. However, there are plans to extend this feature to additional regions and languages in the near future.

The integration of generative AI for custom playlist art creation marks a significant enhancement in user experience, offering a creative and fun way for users to personalize their YouTube Music playlists.

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