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Google calendar might support custom birthday reminders in future

For many years, Google has helped you remember important events and birthdays by storing them all in a single place so that they can be easily accessed. Although notifications for these reminders aren’t that interesting, With its latest update, Google is planning to add a new feature that will allow you to customize birthdays and notifications.

Custom birthday reminders

As reported by Twitter via Assemble debug, Google is planning to give some UI treatment that will make it handy for you to add up birthdays and set up reminders for them. When you open the app, you will notice a new popup that will make it much easier to add birthdays. This feature will keep showing up just below the app bar. This will give you quick access to adding the latest birthday or dismissing it as per your choice.

You can enter a custom name for the individual whose birthday it is and a date, either with or without a year, when you create a birthday using the function. The next screen allows you to create unique reminders after that. Even more than one reminder can be set. It appears that you cannot add or alter reminders for already-existing contacts via Google Contacts, though this may change in the future. Also, it appears that birthdays entered directly into the Calendar will not appear in the Contacts app, although this could change in the future.

It has been confirmed by @AssembleDebug that the feature is still being worked on in version 2023.08.2-511758217-release of the program and can only be activated by setting a few flags; therefore, it is currently difficult to replicate. It’s still fantastic to see Google making progress towards the inclusion of personalized birthday reminders.

Although Google Calendar has previously displayed your birthdays and anniversaries, it has never been possible to set up reminders, much less modify them. You may set a reminder for a few weeks in the future because the new adjustment makes it simpler for you to establish long-term plans. Birthday reminders are now only accessible through Google Assistant. Moreover, Google was just observed attempting to add reminders to its service this weekend.

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