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Google uses yet another One UI design element for Android 14

In the category of One UI, the custom UI by Samsung is considered one of the best. It equips all the necessary and additional features that make it appear clean and nice. Besides this, it is provided with multiple customization options and much more. As of now, some recent pieces of information indicate that Google is going to incorporate one of the One UI design elements for Android 14 OS.

Given this news, Pixel users will now have access to new notifications as well as a ringtone volume control panel. The fresh new volume control panel will enable Pixel users set separate volume levels for ringtones and notifications. Google has introduced the new features via the Android 14 Developer Preview. However, the feature was removed shortly and everything returned back to its original state. According to Mishaal Rahman, Google is making efforts to introduce individual notification and ringtone volumes since the Android 13 QPR2 beta release.

Galaxy users already enjoy this feature

Do note that there is no connection between ringtone and notification volumes. Since they can get muted when the device is on vibrate mode. The above-mentioned feature is under development. It will be made available to users with the stable version or future public beta builds. Samsung users already have the option to customize the loudness of their ringtones and notification sounds. Users of Galaxy devices can even disable the notification sounds while maintaining a loud ringtone, or the opposite.

Well, this is not the only One UI feature that will be copied for Android 14. Some reports suggest that Google could introduce screen flash notifications and auto-confirm unlock features similar to the one presented with One UI. Such things don’t indicate that One UI is perfect. But it has some nice features that would go well with Android 14.

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