YouTube Music’s new listening stats will now let you display your music taste publicly

Top streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music are doing a tremendous job, although YouTube Music isn’t far behind either. There were many amendments introduced in the app recently, like the addition of real-time lyrics along with some visual changes. With the latest update, the platform allows users to share their app statistics publicly.

Users already have the option to show public playlists on their profiles, but this feature expansion goes a step further. Under YouTube Music Settings -> Privacy & Location -> Channel Settings -> Enable public stats, it is possible to make listening statistics public. A dialogue box alerting users to the consequences of making something publicly viewable will be displayed to them. Additionally, it states that any new stats or metrics added to YouTube Music will be by default disabled and that public stats will remain visible on the channel for up to two years.

By enabling these settings, it gives you access to advanced privacy settings through the settings menu of your channel. There are various toggles in the setting menu that will show up options like repeated songs, artists, music, and playlists. These toggles are able to specify music videos and playlists that would be displayed on your profile if that was enabled publicly.

The modifications to the YouTube Music app are already apparent to me, and our Google Editor Manuel Vonau can attest to their visibility. However, as 9to5Google notes, neither Google nor the YouTube team have made any mention of publishing a support page for this feature addition just yet.

However, this activity might be Google’s attempt to sprinkle social skills throughout YouTube music. However, Spotify’s own version of user profile statistics, which is allegedly getting a redesign, won’t be novel to the industry. The same function is also available on Apple Music.

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