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YouTube Premium Family Plan prices to increase up to $5 from April

The YouTube premium plan’s price hikes will be coming sooner than you expect. YouTube took a longer period to set these rates, so you wouldn’t remember the last time you paid them. These hikes in prices were expected to be implemented last October. During the announcements last year, these price hikes were to be implemented in April 2023, which is just one month away.

Everyone that has subscribed to YouTube’s premium family plan should consider this a reminder to get ready for these hikes in prices. These price hikes will be implemented as a per-month increase in subscription prices. This will cost up to $29.99 starting in April.

YouTube sends an email to its premium customers informing them of price increases

Many premium subscribers aren’t happy with the decision, but now that it is happening, YouTube has taken the great step of reminding its subscribers through emails. Detailed information about this price hike plan is available on YouTube’s official page. However, a sudden hike of $5 is a great deal for those who have to pay for it. This hike is even more hefty for those who got this plan for $14.99, as it was such a great price for getting what was being offered.

These pocket-friendly subscription plans won’t be there for you anymore as these new plans will be implemented sooner. Although this is the last month for you to enjoy your premium plan at the old price, it’s up to you whether you want to keep this subscription plan or cancel it, as some Netflix customers have done due to price increases.

If you’re a person who can bear ads, no facility for playing videos in the background, and no background listening, you can cancel this subscription anyways. As it can save you $22.99 per month.

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