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Google will warn you about the apps with poor performance before you install them

A new feature will be introduced to Android’s app store through Google. Google will inform you about the performance of an application before you install it to avoid any inconvenience. So you don’t need to install and experience an app and then get disappointed.

Low ratings can recognize these applications, but you can never get the whole idea based on these ratings. Google has taken a step above in this scenario. We have heard about this new setup before.

Google will warn you about the poor performance of an app before installing it

Google has been working on this latest update for quite a while. It was working through collecting data about the applications that are crashing or getting stuck while using them. This scenario was also observed with specific kinds of apps. As there are some applications that are only struggling with specific kinds of hardware.

Through all this data collection, Google will inform its users whether an app is a good deal for their use or not. As per observation from the screenshot shared by Mishal Rahman, this warning will appear as a popup before app installation.

You’ll be able to see such warnings below the “Install” button. Whichever app isn’t compatible with your device will be displayed with a warning saying that “recent data from similar devices has shown that this app may stop working on your device.

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