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YouTube receives a redesigned sharing UI

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Sharing content is a big and important part of any particular app experience. Most apps feature the standard share sheet on Android. When it comes to YouTube, the app has its own sharing UI; however, that is now going to change. According to the information shared by Mishaal Rahman, the share sheet on YouTube is about to change.

For quite some time now, YouTube is trying to change its UI. Recently, the company changed the appearance of the videos on the main site. Now the videos are presented with round corners that provide the interface a nice appeal. Do note that this UI element is only restricted to the web version. It is not available on the app and the theater mode.

YouTube is receiving a new sharing UI

The share sheet on YouTube is categorized into two sections. The top section shows the standard options as found in the Android share sheet. A Nearby Share option is also visible. Besides this, the options for Copy Link and Create Post buttons are also presented.

Given the new changes, the share sheet will now be more simple. Recently shared images reveal that the share sheet on a foldable smartphone will sit in the middle of the UI, just across the video. The bar has a single carousel with sharing options, and one of them is Copy Link. However, one thing to notice here is the absence of the Nearby Share option. We’re not sure if it’s missing or if it’s just further down the carousel.

On the other hand, the sharing menu on a traditional smartphone will be a floating element presented at the bottom of the screen. It is quite similar to the one presented on a foldable smartphone; however, it lists a few options. Currently, there are no details on when the company will roll out these changes. It appears like it could debut as a part of a unified share sheet for the upcoming Android 14. Well, if this is the case, then we might have to wait a long time until the stable release of Android 14.

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