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YouTube Stories are about to end from next month

Snapchat was the first to make use of the 24-hour “story” structure for social media posts before Meta’s Instagram imitated it and ended up surpassing Snapchat in popularity. Then everyone started doing it. We truly mean everyone when we say “everyone.” Almost all social networking sites today have, or once had, some type of temporary post feature that is comparable to, if not the same as, Twitter. One of the first to get on this bandwagon was YouTube, which is now getting off. However, I doubt that most readers will be familiar with YouTube Stories.

As per information via The Verge, YouTube channels will no longer be able to post stories after June 26. Stories will be available for seven days; after that, they’ll disappear, and eventually this feature will come to an end. This isn’t the first time a feature has been removed from the platform like that. Twitter has also done that in the past with some of its features, but people still think that they took a little longer to disappear.

Under the moniker Reels, stories on YouTube initially became popular in 2018. YouTube Stories were accessible for a full week, in contrast to other apps’ implementations, where anything put there would remain visible for just 24 hours before disappearing. Given their length, they were remarkably useful for helping content creators advertise the stuff they had just produced or were going to release.

The goal of YouTube is to encourage content producers who used these stories to post other types of non-video material, such as text-only community posts and YouTube shorts, which have the option to have posts expire after a set amount of time, reinforcing their ephemeral nature. Of course, shorts are currently in vogue, with everyone copying TikTok in the same manner that they copied Snapchat in the past.

If you wish to publish YouTube stories, be sure to take advantage of them for the remaining month because they are retiring.

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