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Latest feature of Screen sharing is introduced on WhatsApp beta

SMS can be a good solution to texting if you are chatting with local people around you. But when it comes to people you need to contact that are in another region or a different country, it’s a bit questionable. In this scenario, WhatsApp is the best solution, as it’s easy and secure to access for all kinds of users, whether they’re on Android or iOS.

Screen sharing is available on WhatsApp

WhatsApp delivers a secured and encrypted platform while delivering some of its best features to enhance our experience on the platform. With the latest update, WhatsApp has introduced the latest feature of screen sharing on the platform. This feature is popular among video chat apps and will allow users to display their entire device just like it does in video chats.

As per information via WABetaInfo, this feature is available with the WhatsApp version update. This latest feature is available in the call log. By tapping on this feature, it’ll begin to share your screen with the people you’re chatting with. Although there are no indications before starting off this feature, it’ll just provide users with access to whatever is being shown on the screen.

When the user accepts the terms, screen sharing will start, and everything on the screen will be displayed. According to the source, the app’s previous versions may not have supported this capability, and the number of users to whom screen sharing can be broadcast may be constrained. In addition to screen sharing, it appears that the bottom navigation bar has seen a little alteration, with some of the tabs being moved about. Although nothing has been taken away, if you’re used to seeing the UI in a certain way and it has suddenly changed, it might be a little perplexing.

The latest features and UI modifications are present in the most recent beta, but they have not yet been rolled out publicly. If you want to experience these features before they launch, you can sign up for the beta app by installing it from the Play Store.

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