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Zoom will add Anthropic’s Claude chatbot to its platform


A recent report suggests that Zoom will integrate the Anthropic’s Caude chatbot into its platform. The news has been officially confirmed by the company via a blog post. Since the release of ChatGPT back in November 2022, we have seen a massive usage of AI chatbots across various services. the integration of AI into different services and products is changing the way users used to interact with a service. Every tech company is trying hard to develop its own unique AI chatbot. Whereas Zoom has chosen to utilize the AI chatbot introduced by Anthropic i.e., Claude.

In accordance with the company’s blog post, initially, Cluade will be incorporated into the Contact Center product. It will be used to support Zoom users. besides this, the company has also unveiled some information about its investment in Anthropic. According to the company, the investment will strengthen its “federated approach” toward AI.

Previously, Zoom introduced an AI-driven assistant named Zoom IQ. It has the capacity to generate meeting summaries as well as drafts. Slack is the rival platform of Zoom. Reportedly, Slack is using the ChatGPT bot to generate summaries and more.

Anthropic introduced Claude back in March. It is founded by former OpenAi employees. Back in February, Anthropic received $300 million from Google as an investment. It enabled Claude to utilize Google’s cloud computing services.

According to Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom, Claude can direct customer service representatives to reliable solutions and enable end-user self-help. This chatbot also intends to assist operators in “accurately understanding customer intent.” Additionally, Zoom intends to leverage AI to give agents the appropriate resources.

Furthermore, the CEO and co-founder of Anthropic stated that collaboration with Zoom will enable us to offer robust AI to more users. in this way, we will have the opportunity to unlock its potential and help with daily processes. Anthropic Claude will be added to the Zoom Contact Center in the first phase. There is no information about how Claude will be incorporated into other units like Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom IQ.

Well, this recent development is just coming after Zoom has laid off 15% of its employees which sum up around 1,300 workers.

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