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Anthropic introduces Claude: a harmless AI chatbot

Since the release of ChatGPT, tech companies are trying hard to lead the competition. Microsoft and Google are continuously making efforts to introduce AI-powered products and services. Microsoft incorporated Bing with ChatGPT. It has received backlash from consumers due to its manipulative replies.

In order to fix the above-mentioned problem, Anthropic has come forward. Basically, Anthropic is a startup co-founded by ex-OpenAI employees. Anthropic has introduced Claude. It is an AI chatbot that is reported to be harmless, helpful, and honest. Reportedly, the company has performed closed beta testing for Claude. The testing was carried out with launch partners like Robin AI, AssemblyAI, Notion, Quora, and DuckDuckGo. Furthermore, the company has introduced Claude Instant. The company states that Claude Instant is a fast and low-cost derivative.

A spokesperson from Anthropic states that Claude is the perfect tool for a wide range of consumers. The company has massively invested in the infrastructure for serving models over the period of several months.

How Claude is different from others?

The basic principles behind Claude are the same as the ones used for Bing’s AI chatbot. It can summarize, answer queries, provide writing assistance, and generate code. The company states that its constitutional AI is its distinguishing feature. Claude avoids sexist, racist, and toxic outputs. Besides this, the chatbot helps prevent individuals from engaging in illegal or unethical activities. Such an approach intends to offer a “principle-based” strategy to support AI systems with human intentions. The feedback from clients indicates that the chatbot is less likely to present harmful or manipulative content. Moreover, it is easier to converse with Claude.

Drawbacks of Claude

Well, there are some drawbacks associated with Claude. First and foremost, the chatbot is not good with math and grammar in contrast to ChatGPT. Secondly, the chatbot uses names and terms that don’t exist in reality. It invents the terms and names.

Besides this, the company has support from big tech giants like Google. So, we can anticipate that Anthropic has the likelihood of becoming a key player in the AI industry. the company states that it is not after the direct-to-consumer approach as of now. Instead, the company is focusing on a narrow range that will help it provide a superior and efficient product.

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