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Pakistani Men Ranked 19th Luckiest for Online Dating

Online Dating may sound charming, attractive but it is still not something taken seriously. It’s never easy to date the other person, you interacted for the first time through an online platform. A person you have never met in real life, never known from before and never had face to face communication with, to find lifetime love in that person, sounds farfetched, but it is possible.

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Now as per a survey conducted by WoGoal (an online leisure portal)   women were observed, and their choices in the men were seen and it was analyzed how much time women take to respond to men, what their reply is and do they even reply or not. The observation was done for six months. It was done in 60 countries, out of which Pakistan was ranked on 19th position, as the luckiest country for men for online dating.

The reason that Pakistani Men are so lucky to find their love online is due to that fact that Pakistani women are 19th most communicative women around the globe at online platforms.

This race of most lucky men in online dating was won by Egyptians. They are the luckiest men when it comes to online dating, followed by Indonesian and Nigerian men. Indian Men came 10th, South African came 13th while Chinese men were awarded 16th spot.

Now as per WoGoal rankings the most difficult country for online dating was Ireland.

It was found out that only 6% Irish women replied to any message sent to them on an online forum. Most of the population of Ireland consists of immigrants, thus it gets difficult for an Irish man to find a native Irish lady at any online dating website.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that Pakistani women loved talking about politics and religion through online platforms. They were ranked 8th worldwide in politics/religion topic specifically.